Sonic Studio
Madeleine Cortés, Chief Operating Officer, Sonic Studio, LLC

Sonic Studio has been using Softworkz licensing for several years to protect our products from piracy, and, as time progresses, I've watched Softworkz mature and adapt to the new technology available. Softworkz has responded by offering improved features on a regular basis, and I feel that my opinion is acknowledged and, better yet, utilized to hone their service to my needs. Their support has been behind me through every change we've made and I couldn't be more impressed by the level of service I've received.

Thank you Softworkz; I look forward to what will come in the future!

Neil Benson, Wide Angle Software Ltd

We are enjoying the Softworkz service as it's made our lives far easier when it comes to product activation
management .

Thanks guys.

Eric G.V. Fookes, Fookes Software

I did a lot of research before settling for a protection scheme for my new Aid4Mail software. It's been running for several years now and sales have never been better. No cracks available and no activation code sharing either. I use software_DNA to protect my software license (makes key sharing virtually impossible) and EXECryptor to protect my executable. Both are very solid products.

Quite a few people warned me that the activation system would affect my sales negatively and that I would be swamped with complaints. Well that did not happen and I'm very happy with this protection scheme. You can see how it works by downloading Aid4Mail...

Peter Cheeseman, C2 Solutions Ltd.

We found that SOFTWORKZ deliver an excellent service with helpful and timely support.

Using a fast and reliable server base activation and validation solution such as theirs is the only way we could see to virtually eliminate key sharing and key gen pirating of software. Affordable for both small and larger companies we found it the obvious choice when considering all the benefits.

Their solution also allows our end users the flexibility they need to re-install after system failure or transfer to another machine if necessary without incurring additional support costs.

We were able to implement all this using their simple to use API on both Windows and Mac OS X based platforms.

Joe Wintergerst axs vue software

Needing to protect our worldwide distribution of software we researched the licensing market full time for over three months ending with a list of 20 software products and services.

We contacted sales and customer support where possible to evaluate how to achieve our goals through each solution and the level of support we would get from them. We ended up with three but through our more profound research and questioning we realized we couldn’t achieve our basic goals with it.

Softworkz with its candid approach took us by surprise. They have an extremely secure, powerful and versatile licensing service that covered 100% of our requirements in an API that took us less than a week to implement with full support all the way to the e-commerce connection and best of all, it is almost transparent to the end user.

The preconceived notion is that the less expensive can’t be as good but Softworkz is the exception that proves the rule. It is just amazing you get so much for so little. Save time and money, don’t lose your head, download the API and see why they are the best.

Thanks Softworkz!

Noah Spitzer-Williams CEO Highlight Hunter

At Highlight Hunter, we were looking for a licensing solution that would work seamlessly across Mac and PC, allowed for fully customizable UI, and offered scalable pricing options without huge upfront fees. Out of the dozens of solutions we tried, Softworkz was one of the only ones that could deliver flawlessly on all 3 requirements.

However, that was only the beginning. During planning and implementation of DNA, Softworkz provided one of the best customer service experiences we have ever witnessed in our 15+ years of working with Internet companies. They were always happy to answer our *many* questions (even when we would later find the same answers in their documentation...woops!). Their responses were always prompt and clear. They even reviewed the actual code of our DNA implementation and pointed out areas for improvement. This was all done without charging us a dime.

With their help, we were able to integrate their licensing solution in just a few weeks and launched Highlight Hunter according to spec, on schedule, and on budget. Their attitude and support makes us feel like Softworkz is a team within our own company. We look forward to working with Softworkz for many years to come.