Self-Serve Environment Designed for the End-User

End users today are all overwhelmed with userid's, passwords, emails and serial numbers/codes for accessing web sites and activating software applications. But it doesn't have to be the case for your software applications.

The License Manager is there to help your users recover their Activation Code or their Code password, anytime, themselves and at their convenience, without you having to answer another Support call or email. And for the life of their License Activation Code. 

End-User Login

Free, Unlimited Access

Some providers charge for cloud-based license storage (ex: $5.00 for 3 years), but we have made the License Manager feature included free in the base Activation fees. So your users benefit, and you also benefit from reduced customer support calls and emails.

What End-Users Can Do

End-users can do the following:

  • Retrieve all the information about the License Activation Code(s) tied to their email.
  • Reset their License Password.
  • manage key information about their software License, including:
  • Update their Email address associated with the License.
  • Update the License Password for their License.
  • View all activated devices and remove them to make room for new devices.

Hosted by You

Design your own License Manager with all the features of our hosted License Manager.

Using our RESTful API and WebHooks, add your own features, and fully integrate into your web-site and back-office systems.

Hosted by software_DNA

Link to our hosted and customizable License Manager from your web-site.

  • software_DNA Branded - complete end-user License Manager with softWORKZ headers and footers.
  • Generic - removes the software_DNA branded headers and footers and is ready to be embedded in one of your web pages using an HTML iFrame Tag.
  • Customized - provide us with a complete CSS file that allows you to match your web site look to make it easier to embed in one of your web pages.