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Since 2003 software_DNA has offered to software developers and publishers a hosted activation service on a pay per use basis. software_DNA, now in its 5th generation, is reliable and user friendly.

pay per use service

software_DNAA proven solution, it integrates into your software application via a separate module to which API calls are made from your source code.

software_DNA is highly customizable; however it also includes all the GUI screens for quick and easy integration with your software. Activation codes are freely interchangable between your Windows, Mac & Linux software versions, for maximum convenience for you and your clients.

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The best way to discover how you can effectively license your software with software_DNA is by registering for our free, no obligation account. From your account, you can review our documentation, try our sample 'Clock Demo' and then setup your own software with our no charge, no obligation Test Mode.


At Highlight Hunter, we were looking for a licensing solution that would work seamlessly across Mac and PC, allowed for fully customizable UI, and offered scalable pricing options without huge upfront fees. Out of the dozens of solutions we tried, Softworkz was one of the only ones that could deliver flawlessly on all 3 requirements. More...