June 6, 2016    Floating Licensing released
Floating License

software_DNA from softWORKZ, a secure software Licensing solution, now adds even greater flexibility for your software licensing needs with Floating Licenses.

Floating Licenses allows the installation and execution of your software application on multiple computers but will limit the number of concurrent users to the License "Seat" setting. For example, your application could be installed on 100 enterprise computers, but with a "Seat" setting of 5, only 5 concurrent users will be allowed.

Global Scope

Users can be located anywhere on the Internet, not just in a local LAN sub-network, ensuring that global enterprises, big and small, can use your Floating Licenses across their business.

Hosted solution

With software_DNA, no need to install a "Floating License" server on the Enterprise network with all the subsequent support issues. software_DNA’s Floating License solution is hosted on our Servers and maintained 24/7 by our Tech Team.

License "Lease" approach

The software_DNA Floating License is based on our Multi-User License model combined with a License seat "Lease" approach, where the seat "Lease" automatically expires after a 2 days.

The "Lease" approach provides several benefits to the Users, including:

  • If a User forgets to close the application, then the seat Lease will expire and automatically release the seat for other Users
  • If a User’s computer crashes before the lease is de-activated (or the computer is lost or stolen), the seat Lease will expire and automatically release the seat for other users.
  • During extraordinary events (ex: no internet connectivity to the DNA Servers), the current Users will continue to have access and use of the application for the "Lease" period (i.e. up to 2 days).

Seats can always be released immediately via the myLicense Portal/Manager and via the DNA Control Panel.

Documentation and Code Samples for implementing your Floating License product are available in the DNA Control Panel.

April 12, 2016    softWORKZ Updates its Referral Program for software_DNA

We’ve updated our Referral Program to make it even more rewarding and added a dedicated Affiliate Dashboard with a variety of Marketing Tools to help you land more referrals and referral commissions.

  • Refer a new software developer and receive 10% commission on their first 12 months’ billing from the date of referred clients’ registration.
  • Your new, referred clients will receive 5% discount on all billing for 12 months from the date of software_DNA registration.

It’s free and easy to join; just sign up for our program, then log into your sales affiliate dashboard. You’ll find all the tools you need to quickly get started and to track your commissions.

View details on our Referral Program and get started today.

September 20, 2015    New Flexibility with Feature-Based Licensing

software_DNA from softWORKZ, a secure software Licensing solution, now adds even greater flexibility for your software licensing needs with Feature-Based Licensing.

Offer multiple bundles of application features and options at different price points to address the varying needs of your customers and to deliver them compelling price/value offerings. The Feature Data is stored in the User’s individual license and used to configure your application accordingly.

Offer Feature Upgrades to allow your customers to unlock the breadth of your application as their needs grow. And enjoy full connectivity to your Store-Front eCommerce solution for 24/7 automated operation with our multiple eCommerce partners.

softWORKZ, with more than a decade of experience in offering Digital Rights Management solutions, is uniquely capable of providing simple or complex software licensing solutions to meet your needs. From straightforward Single-User / Single-Computer licensing, to Multi-User Licensing for enterprise and institutional application licensing, software_DNA delivers a flexible, adaptable and user-friendly approach to software licensing.

Try us out by registering for a free, no obligation software_DNA account that lets you fully implement and evaluate the software_DNA solution in Testing Mode at no cost.

July 9, 2015    Connection to PayPro Global eCommerce solution released

Connecting your eCommerce store front with your Software Licensing solution is a critical element if you plan to have a fully automated End-to-End fulfillment process. We have developed and tested integrations with multiple eCommerce solutions which now includes the PayPro Global eCommerce solution.

When our DNA Servers receive a purchase confirmation from the PayPro eCommerce system, an Activation Code is generated in real-time and then sent back to the PayPro eCommerce system and provided to your customer by PayPro in customizable emails.

Our connection also supports Subscription Licensing

For the utmost in flexibility, you can connect software_DNA with multiple eCommerce solutions simulaneously, and take advantage of their different offerings and increase the visibility of your products online.

View our eCommerce Partners

 View Pay Pro Global eCommerce solution

April 30, 2015    Subscription Licensing now available with software_DNA

Subscription Licensing for desktop / laptop software applications is an evolving trend in the industry and we are excited to introduce this option to software_DNA beginning with the FastSpring and the PayPro Global eCommerce solutions.

Subscription Licensing is defined as a license scheme requiring periodic payments (ex: monthly payments) to keep the software license active. If the periodic payments are stopped or the Susbcription is cancelled, then the software license is disabled. It’s an interesting alternative to a “perpetual” software license (i.e. the traditional one time purchase model) allowing you to keep in close touch with your customers, keeping them on the current upgrades and upsetting any new capabilities.

A Subscription Licensing offering requires the connection of two critial components:

  • A secure Licensing solution for the software application to provide control over the subscription and protection from piracy (i.e. software_DNA)
  • A Subscription Manager (i.e. eCommerce solution or store-front solution) to manage the financial side of the subscription (i.e. sign-up, payments, changes, cancellations)

We have now connected the FastSpring and PayPro Global Subscription Managers to software_DNA so that you can now define Subscription products and have the application fully protected by software_DNA:

  • When a new Subscription is created, software_DNA will automatically issue a License Code back to FastSpring or PayPro for delivery to your customer
  • When a Subscription is cancelled (either by the user, or for no payment, ...) , software_DNA will ban that License Code automatically

We’ll be rolling out subscription licensing support with other eCommerce solutions in the near future.

 View Fastspring.com eCommerce solution

 View PayProGlobal.com eCommerce solution

April 15, 2015    New DNA Control Panel Released

A complete revamp of the DNA Control Panel for improved License Management

  • Streamlined Menu Organization
  • ONLINE Help Panel with extensive help on a variety of Topics
  • Pop-Up Help for in-context guidance
  • Improved Global Search for License Codes
  • Expanded Reporting capabilities, with more to come
  • Ask Questions using TechSupport contact form
  • Provide on the spot Feedback and suggestions using the Feedback form
January 15, 2015    myLicense Portal for end-users

Always accessible License information - free for your users - reduces your Customer Support

Users today are all overwhelmed with userid's, passwords, emails and serial no's / codes for accessing web sites and activating software applications. But it doesn't have to be the case for your software application.

The myLicense Portal is there to help your users recover their Activation Code or their Code password, anytime, themselves and at their convenience, without you having to answer another Support call or email. And for the life of their License Activation Code.

Using only their email address, they can receive all the information about the License Activation Code(s) assigned to that email. If they have the License Code, they can retrieve their password. If they have their code and password, they can change their email address assigned to the code as well as the password. For multi-seat licenses, the license code administrator can see details on the activated seats.

Generic or softWORKZ branded

We provide a generic version of the myLicense Portal ( i.e. no softWORKZ branding) which you can easily imbed in your web site using <iframe></iframe> tags, or you can use our default myLicense Portal page.

Free Service included in the Activation Fee

Some providers charge for cloud-based license storage ( ex: $5.00 for 3 years), but we have made the myLicense Portal included in the base Activation fees. So your users benefit, and you should also benefit from reduced customer support calls and emails.

February 12, 2014    DNA Control Panel Update

Updated Email System and Tech Support Email

We have recently updated our Email delivery system to add DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) to our Email Server. What this means is that you can now use your own domain in the custom email FROM fields instead of using "activation@softworkz.com". For example, using "activation@yourdomain.com" will not cause the email to be rejected as SPAM. When your customers reply to those emails, the emails will return directly to you versus to softWORKZ

We have also added two new fields in the Account Information page : Tech Support Name and Tech Support Email. These fields will be mandatory when you complete your Account Information and will be used as the default information for the FROM email address

If you update this field, you will have the option to save the change for future new products OR apply the change immediately to all your existing products.

If you would like more information on DKIM and SPF, check out the Wikepedia pages on both these capabilities

June 10, 2013    SOFTWARE_DNA CLIENT 5.02 UPDATE

software_DNA Windows DNA 5.02 client update is available for download from the DNA Control Panel.

This update includes support for 32 and 64 bit versions of Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.

August 21, 2012    DNA Server Upgrade

A server update was carried out without disruption to our ongoing services.

This hardware infrastructure update was carried out as part of our ongoing commitment to providing a secure and reliable cloud based licensing solution to software developers and their clients around the world.


As we approach our 10th year anniversary, we're proud to have so far activated and supported millions of licenses.