• Pay only for activated Licenses
  • No Up-Front Service Fees
  • No Monthly Service Fees
  • No "Code Packs" - no need to buy Codes up-front
  • Volume Discounts of 40% + when your Sales take-off

Your business generates > $5M in Sales per year, contact our Sales Team for Enterprise pricing options

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DNA Standard DNA Enhanced
License Validation
Single User Licenses
1 to 3 computers
Multi User Licenses
1 to 1,000's of simultaneous users
Floating Licenses
1 to 1,000's of simultaneous users
Timed Trials / Evaluations
Perpetual Licenses
Timed Licenses
Subscription Licenses   
CC Fraud Protection
Custom Fields
Registration Free Free
Complete Test Environment Free Free
100% Hosted Free Free
Activation fee - Perpetual / Timed Licenses   
transaction fee $1.00 $1.00
% of software
value < $500
2 % 3 %

Example for Application with Retail Price of $25.00:

DNA Standard Fee before discount: $ 1.50
Activation fee - Subscription Licenses   
transaction fee $0.15 $0.15
% of Subscription
value < $500
3 % 3 %
Monthly Volume Discounts   
  • Applied to the total Activation Fees for the month for all your Products
  • Kicks in at $500 / month with 20% Discount

Contact our Sales Team for details.

Example for Application with Retail Price of $25.00:

DNA Standard Fee before discount: $ 1.50
DNA Standard Fee after discount: $ 1.20 (@ 20% discount)
  $ 0.90 (@ 40% discount)
Optional Features
evaluation codes
$0.50 $0.50

Detailed Pricing Examples

Pricing Details

  • All accounts subject to softWORKZ authorization.
  • All pricing in US dollars.
  • Activation Fees for DNA Standard Licenses are calculated on a "per activation" basis as follows:
    • transaction fee, plus;
    • percentage of software retail value less than $500
  • Activation Fees for DNA Enhanced licenses are calculated on a "per seat" basis as above using the average seat price, multiplied by the number of seats.
  • No charge for re-activations & validations.
  • Optional Feature fees are on a "per License Activation Code" basis (not "per seat").
  • You pay only when you sell and only if charges apply. Activation fees, where applicable, are billed when customers have paid you and/or activated your software.
  • Fees are payable at the end of each month via Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

What’s always included ?

  • A robust, proven DRM solution for software protection
  • Full Technical Support before, during and after you launch your Products with software_DNA
  • A Free, no obligation Test environment - implement software_DNA and test all its features before you launch
  • 100% Hosted - sotware_DNA owns and operates the multiple geographically seperated DNA Server Clusters that ensure high availability 24/7 of our DRM solution
  • Continued enhancement and development of new features, new integrations with eCommerce and other 3rd party solutions, including support for new versions of OS's (Windows, MAC, LINUX)
  • Openess to new features to meet your evolving requirements