Subscription Licensing allows you to offer your software application at lower entry price points compared to perpetual Licences and encouraging new users to purchase your application. The recurring revenues of Subscription Licenses can help your business grow faster by expanding your user base.

Subsctiption Licensing is defined as a license scheme requiring periodic payments (ex: monthly or yearly payments) to keep the software license active. If the periodic payments are stopped or the Susbcription is cancelled, then the software license is disabled.

Key components of Subscription Licensing:

  • A secure Licensing solution for the software application to provide control over the subscription and protection from piracy (i.e. software_DNA).
  • A Subscription Manager (i.e. eCommerce solution or store-front solution) to manage the financial side of the subscription (i.e. sign-up, payments, changes, cancellations).
  • A software_DNA Connector that interacts with the eCommerce solution and handles initial License Fulfillment, subsription renewals, and subscription cancellations.

What the Process looks like for the User:

  • User (Buyer) signs-up on the store-front for a subscription (ex: monthly, yearly) to a software application using his credit card (or PayPal account, etc...)
  • With the initial payment, the user receives a License Activation Code, downloads the software application and activates the software on his computer
  • Every period, the store-front charges his credit card for the subscription
  • At any time, the user can cancel the subscription from the store-front, and the License is disabled
  • If a payment is rejected or overdue, the store-front can retry, allow some leeway, but eventually, would cancel the subscription, and the License would be disabled

Integration with eCommerce systems

We are currently working with several eCommerce partners to fully integrate with their Susbcription License Managers. The following eCommerce connections now allow Subscription Licensing:

Please contact our Sales team for the latest and greatest

Direct Connection

Using your own webstore application that supports Subscription Licensing, you can issue notifications to software_DNA via our DIRECT Connector to fully implement Subscription Licensing

Please contact our Sales team for the latest and greatest