Last Modified February 14, 2022

Intro to Developer Guides

software_DNA can be implemented using two(2) distinct implementation approaches depending on the type of Application to be licensed:

DNA Library implementation

For Apps implemented on supported computers / devices, we recommend the use of the DNA Library which acts as the interface between your App and the DNA Servers, and manages the local / encrypted CDM License file.

Supported platforms include Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and Raspberry Pi.

WEB Activation implementation

For SAAS Apps (i.e. web browser based), or for platforms not supported by one of the DNA Libraries, use the Web Activation approach which provides a HTTPS / JSON_based interface to the DNA Servers.

Helper Functions are required to implement the communication with the DNA Servers and to manage the License file. You can use the Helper Functions provided by software_DNA or design your own as explained in the Guides.

software_DNA gives you all the flexibility you need to implement your licensing strategy. We generally recommend using one of the following strategies which are detailed in our Online Implementation Guides:

CLASSIC Activation

The Classic approach is recommended for all license types to access the full extent of the software_DNA licensing solution.

It implements a 2-step strategy to Activation to capture license information, and provides explicit control over the License Activation and Re-activation process.

See our Online Guides to implement the Classic approach using the DNA Library or Web Activation.

RAPID Activation

This is a simpler approach to implement software_DNA, with simplified API calls and only one GUI screen to capture license information.

It supports the following license schemes:

  • Single-User / Multi-Computer Licensing without the "Roll-Over Re-Activation" option
  • Multi-User Licensing
  • Floating Licensing

See our Online Guides to implement the RAPID approach using the DNA Library or Web Activation.

Do-All (Windows) Activation

This is a turnkey implementation of software_DNA, in one easy API Call, with generic User input screens for the complete activation process.

It can be used in the following situations:

  • a Windows OS based application
  • Single-User / Multi-Computer Licensing with "Roll-Over Re-Activation"
  • Multi-User Licensing

All other License schemes should use the CLASSIC or RAPID Activation approach

View the Online Developer Guide based on your selected implementation approach.

Various Guides

Online PDF Description Version
Troubleshooting Guide
Post-Launch Troubleshooting - "Do-All" & "custom" software_DNA implementation plus other Resolution Tips
Code Query Server API
How to use the Code Query Server API with the DNA Servers
Sample FAQ for software_DNA Activation system
Provides typical FAQ responses to common questions about Activation and software_DNA