Last Modified February 14, 2022

Online Help Overview

Our Knowledge Base Articles provide information on a variety of topics on software_DNA to help you configure and launch your Licensing / Protection strategies.

These articles are intended to complement our other help resources:

  • software_DNA Development Guides describe step-by-step the recommended approach for implementing software_DNA within your application including flow diagrams and several variations of the activation process and strategies that can be implemented for the following:

    DNA Library implementation

    For Apps implemented on supported computers / devices, we recommend the use of the DNA Library which acts as the interface between your App and the DNA Servers, and manages the local / encrypted CDM License file.

    Supported platforms include Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and Raspberry Pi.

    WEB Activation implementation

    For SAAS Apps (i.e. web browser based), or for platforms not supported by one of the DNA Libraries, use the Web Activation approach which provides a HTTPS / JSON_based interface to the DNA Servers.

    Helper Functions are required to implement the communication with the DNA Servers and to manage the License file. You can use the Helper Functions provided by software_DNA or design your own as explained in the Guides.

  • API Reference Guide     for coding details on each API Call in the DNA Libraries.

  • software_DNA eCommerce Integration Guides     for connecting an eCommerce platform and software_DNA. software_DNA supports multiple popular eCommerce platforms (like FastSpring, Avangate, PayPal, Shopify, PayPro Global, eJunkie, etc) and also supports a DIRECT Connector that allows your website server to communicate directly with the DNA Servers to retrieve Activation Codes (this is a good approach if you have your own storefront application implemented on your web site/server

  • From the Resources drop-down menu in the DNA Control Panel, you gain access to a variety of Code Samples and the latest DNA API Libraries for the different OS's supported by software_DNA:

    • DNA API Libraries are available for Windows, MAC OSX, LINUX and ANDROID OS's in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The ZIP packages include the Interface Definition files (DNA_INT) for various development languages, including Pascal, C, C++, .NET, JAVA, etc. All have been tested for the stated OS and development language. For other development languages, the DNA_INT files should be mostly re-usable with possibly some syntax tweaks to match the target development language

    • Code Samples and Clock Demo Example are available in source code and are complete projects in the stated IDE ready to be compiled. They provide a good basis for getting started and understanding the overall API structure and the logic flow required to implement software_DNA. You will also find detailed descriptions of different Activation approaches and required coding in the Developer Guides

  • In Context Help pop-up descriptions / explanations

    Accessing Contextual Help
  • Online Help providing more extensive information for the DNA Control Panel screen you are viewing. On any screen, click on Online Help to toggle this panel ON or OFF

    Accessing Online Help



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