Last Modified September 16, 2022


  1. Using the DNA RESTful API
  2. Making a API Call
  3. API Throttling
  4. Control Panel Tools

Using the software_DNA RESTful API

Use the DNA RESTful API to connect directly to software_DNA from your internal business processes.

With the API, you can directly retrieve and update information and settings of your licenses in software_DNA.

For example:

  • Implement your own License Manager Portal

    As an alternative to the softWORKZ hosted License Manager, the API allows you to design and host your own version of a License Manager, tied into your other business processes, such as a Customer Service or Trouble Ticket system.

    The Licenses API lets you authenticate a License, retrieve License details and update several License parameters directly.

    For more information on implementing your own License Manager, see License Manager - hosted by you  

  • Retrieve End-User Registration and Usage information

    The Licenses Detail API will return the last Info Tag received for the License.

    Use the InfoTags API to directly retrieve the history of InfoTags for the License which can contain registration information, usage information, ... as set by your Application, and used by your internal business processes.

    For more information on the InfoTag, see Info Tag  


Making a API Call

To make a software_DNA RESTful API request, you use:

  • one of the HTTP verbs allowed for the API (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE)
  • the URL of the software_DNA API:
  • the URI to the target resource:
  • a Basic Authentication Header to provide authentication information
  • optional Query Paramenters for filtering the information provided in the Response
  • optional JSON-based string in the body as required by the API

All API Responses will provide a JSON-based Response with:

  • information on the requested resource, ex: License Detail, or
  • a message indicating the type of error encountered


API Throttling

To protect the RESTful API interface, API Throttling is enforced for all your API Calls.

In every API Response, the following Header fields are set for your information :

X-RateLimit-Limit maximum number of API calls in period
X-RateLimit-Remaining remaining number of API calls allowed in period
X-RateLimit-Reset number of seconds left in period

System-wide settings are:

Maximum Events 10
Period 15 minutes

Contact softWORKZ Tech Support for customized settings.


DNA Control Panel Tools

From the DNA Control Panel, view the RESTful API Resource page from Resources -> RESTful API, where you will find:

  • RESTful API Key

    The API Key is used to authenticate your API calls to software_DNA.

    You can reset this API Key anytime, but note that any API calls using the old API Key will be rejected.

  • API Log

    The Log shows the recent API calls, including info on the Request, the Result and the Response of the API.