Last Modified February 22, 2021

Licenses Validate Admin Password

  1. API Request
  2. API Response
  3. Request Examples
  4. Response Examples


Use the Licenses Validate Admin Password API to authenticate the User as the Administrator of the Multi-User / Floating License.

The License Administrator is typically the User who first activates the License and sets the License Password and the License Email. The Administrator will receive instructions on how to access the License Manager portal and a License Key which is used to authenticate the Administrator on their first access to the License Manager portal.

  • correct Admin Password will return 204 No Content
  • incorrect Admin Password will return 403 Forbidden
HTTP Verb Element Syntax
POST URL<productId>/<licenseId>/validateadminpass

Validates the License Admin Password.

You must provide the End User IP Address. The IP Address is used to protect your implementation and this API from abuse and is only used to manage the IP Lockout feature of this API. The IP Lockout will be triggered after multiple invalid attempts in a given period, and a set cooling period will be enacted. Both are system-wide settings.


Parameter Type Value Required Default
<productId> string the DNA ProductID Yes  
<licenseId> string the License Activation Code Yes  
<userIp> string the User's IP Address, for protection against end-user abuse Yes  
<adminPassword> string the License Admin Password Yes  
<Test> bool if true, this is a Test Event No false


API Response

Success HTTP Status Code Description
204 No Content The License Admin Password was correct
Error HTTP Status Code Description
400 Bad Request one of the parameters was invalid or missing - check error message in Response for details
401 Unauthorized Basic Authentication failed - verify that you are using the correct <clientId> and <apiKey> information in the Basic Authentication Header
403 Forbidden The License Admin Password was incorrect
404 Not Found The <productId> and/or the <licenseId> was not found
429 Too Many Requests You have exceeded the allowed maximum of API Requests in the period - check "X-RateLimit-Reset" for the number of seconds remaining before reset
500 Internal Error An error occured on the DNA Server - try again later. Tech Support has been notified


Examples of API Requests

POST Licenses Password Recovery example

curl -v -X POST<productId>/TEST12345/validateadminpass
-H "Accept: application/json"
-u "<clientId>:<API Key>"
-d ’{"UserIp":"","AdminPassword":"********"}’


Example of API Response with Licenses Validate Admin Password

No response is provided in the body


Example of API Error Response

  "Message": "Invalid ProductId format"