Last Modified February 15, 2022

Capturing User Info with the Info Tag

  1. Overview
  2. Storing the InfoTag in the CDM License file
  3. Updating the InfoTag Custom Field after activation


The Info Tag Custom Field allows you to capture additional information from the users of the Software and transfer the information to the DNA Server (maximum 500 characters).

You can set the value of the Info Tag before your application activates the License. This enables you to capture user information, computer information, etc.., send it to the DNA Server, and have this information included in the CDM License file created when the User activates their license.

You can view the Info Tag for a specific License Code from the Code View Screen, or download the Info Tag in Base64 format or Clear Text format for all or some of the License codes of a product from the Reports screen in the DNA Control Panel.

You design and control the method and format used to capture the information from the user as well as the content of the Info Tag depending on your needs. The Info Tag is stored in encrypted form on the DNA Server and the information is only viewable by you from the DNA Control Panel.

Possible uses of the Info Tag include:

  • Capturing Registration Information from the user, such as name, company, address, etc. for you own use. software_DNA does not need user information to protect the software.

  • Capturing information on the user's computer, or his usage of the application which you can regularly transfer back to the DNA Server.

If you do capture information from the user or the computer, it is strongly recommended that the user be made aware of this and that he can review your Privacy Policies.


Storing the InfoTag in the CDM License file

If you would like to have the Info Tag information stored in the CDM License file and accessible by the Application, enable the Custom Fields option for the Product from the Product Configuration screen in the DNA Control Panel. This information in Base64 coding can be retrieved by your Application.


Updating the InfoTag Custom Field after activation

You can continue capturing user or usage information after the initial activation and regularly send an updated Info Tag to the DNA Servers. The latest InfoTag and the History of InfoTags can be viewed in the DNA Control Panel.

The updated InfoTag will be included in the CDM License file at the next DNA Server Validation (typically within 24 hours for products with Protection Level 2 or Level 3), or the next Re-activation (Level 1, 2 or 3).

You can trigger the "CDM License file" update on demand by:

  • Implementing a Refresh License button in your application

  • When clicked, perform a license re-activation. Depending on your software_DNA Product configuration, the User may need to provide the Current License Code Password and a "New and Never Used" password to complete the re-activation

The CDM License file will now be updated with the latest Info Tag.