Last Modified October 10, 2019

Dashboard Restricted User

FastSpring Dashboard allows you to create Restricted Users that can access your FastSpring account but with limited permissions.

As a Restricted User, softWORKZ Technical Support can help you quickly configure your FastSpring Products and account to connect to software_DNA, and provide any other assistance required to ensure a smooth integration.

You control the permissions allowed to this account and can remove it at any time.

To create a Restricted User account:

  • click on the Store Name menu (top left-hand), and select Users
  • click on + Add User
  • select the Role Store Maintainer which provides this User access to the Product and Integration settings
  • Enter:
    • First Name: support
    • Last Name: softworkz
    • Email: Please contact us for the correct Email to use as it must be unique in the FastSpring system
  • click on Create

softWORKZ Tech Support will receive an email with the login information to access your account.

See the FastSpring Help Documentation for more info on Users in DashBoard.