Last Modified October 31, 2019

2Checkout Connector Implementation

  1. Summary
  2. License Fulfillment to Buyer
  3. Email Notifications
  4. softWORKZ Tech Support as Restricted User


The following sections explain how to integrate 2Checkout and software_DNA. In summary, you will need to perform the following:

  1. Within your 2Checkout account
    • Configure the Electronic Delivery Dynamic List - this is the License Fulfillment request
    • Configure the 2Checkout IPN Notification to connect to software_DNA. This is required for Upgrades, Renewals, Refunds and capturing Pricing information.
    • Configure the 2Checkout LCN Notification - this is required for Subscriptions.
  2. Within the DNA Control Panel
    • Create the 2Checkout Connector for each of your DNA Products using 2Checkout
    • Add the 2Checkout Product ID’s to the Connector, and specify the License parameters to be used when generating the License Activation Code for this Product ID purchase.
  3. Test the Connector

    Issuing Test Orders from 2Checkout will allow you to test the end-to-end process as experienced by your customers, including the purchase order form and process on 2Checkout, receipt of the License Activation Code (either by including it in the Confirmation Order screen, or a 2Checkout notification email to the Buyer), downloading your application, installing and activating your application.


License Fulfillment to Buyer

When your customer completes their purchase, the License Activation Code can be shown in the 2Checkout Order Confirmation screen.

You can also have the License Activation Code included in the 2Checkout Order Confirmation email.

software_DNA does not send an email to the Buyer.


Notification Emails to you

You will receive the following Emails:

  • Order confirmation emails from 2Checkout
  • Notification emails from software_DNA on a succesful transaction (if configured in the Connector)
  • Error Notifications if any errors occured when processing the transaction and if software_DNA can identify that the transaction was related to one of your Products. With some errors (ex: wrong ProductID), our Tech Support team will receive a Notification Email and will contact you


softWORKZ Tech Support as Restricted User

2Checkout allows you to create Restricted Users that can access your 2Checkout account but with limited permissions.

As a Restricted User, softWORKZ Technical Support can help you quickly configure your 2Checkout Products and account to connect to software_DNA, and provide any other assistance required to ensure a smooth integration.

You control the permissions allowed to this account and can remove it at any time.

See Restricted User for guidelines.