Last Modified January 16, 2024

2Checkout (Verifone) Product Options

The 2Checkout eCommerce solution allows the set-up of multiple Product (Pricing) Options that can be chosen by the Buyer during the ordering process.

The Product Options can be used to specify different License configurations with different pricing strategies for each and the Buyer's selection can be reflected in the configuration of the License Activation Code issued to the Buyer. Some examples:

  • The expiration period of a Timed-License - "x" months or "y" months
  • The number of Seats for a Multi-User License
  • Feature options to be included in the <license_data> field in the License CDM file that the Application can use to configure the App

The Product Options are very flexible and can be used for a multitude of situations. Given this flexibility, each case needs to be reviewed with our Technical Support Team, as some customization work may be required for the 2Checkout Connector.