Last Modified January 16, 2024

Initiating a Refund from 2Checkout (Verifone)

You can initiate a REFUND request from 2Checkout to reverse a transaction from your 2Checkout Control Panel, for a given product / subscription.

software_DNA will receive notifications of Refunds if you have enabled these notifications in the IPN Settings section as described in 2Checkout Configuration

To initiate a Refund, search for a given Order, and click on the Order Reference # to bring up details of this Order, and click on Request Refund

During the Refund process, you have the options for:

  • Partial or total refund
  • Cancellation of the Subscription
    Testing Order Refund

If you choose to Cancel the Subscription, then the following will happen:

  • The License Code(s) associated with this Subscription will be Revoked/Banned in software_DNA so that they can no longer be used
  • The Refund request will be evaluated by softWORKZ to decide if a refund of the Activation Fee for this License Code is required. If so, a credit will appear in the next monthly invoice. Contact our Sales for information on our Refund policy.