Last Modified August 10, 2017

Adding Subscription Cancellation

If you have Subscription products, you can choose to have software_DNA ban/disable a license code and stop the recurring Activation Fee billing automatically once a FastSpring Subscription is cancelled or de-activated.

If you do not enable this option, then the License Code will still be valid after the Subscription is cancelled in FastSpring and you would need to manually ban/disable the License Code yourself from the DNA Control Panel.

To enable this option, you will need to create a Subscription Deactivated notification for your FastSpring Subscription product as follows:

  1. From the FastSpring Home page, click on Notifications (the radio beacon) in the upper right menu bar

    Notification Icon
  2. Click on + Add to add a notification, and:

    • For Event Type, select Subscription Deactivation from the drop-down list
    • For Destination, select HTTP URL
    • For Live Server URL, enter:

      For URL, please access via your DNA Control Panel account, or Register for a "No-Obligation" account at

    • For Content Type, select Name/Value Parameters
    Notification configuration
  3. Click on Next

  4. Click on the Conditions tab to target this notification to a given FastSpring product

    • Click on ADD PRODUCT
    • Select the Product for this Notification
      Below shows the Notification will apply to "softWORKZ Licensing" only.

      Do not leave the default of No Products Defined

    Notification condition
  5. Click on the HTTP Parameters tab and add the following two parameters by clicking on Add Parameter:

    Name (enter text as shown) Value Description
    ProductID <DNA Product ID> Enter the software_DNA ProductID for this product.
    SKU <yourProductSKU> Enter the same SKU that you entered in the Remote License Generator configuration
    See Springboard Configuration

    Your configuration should look like this:

    Notification HTTP Parms
  6. Click on Save

See Testing your Configuration for details on how to test the notification.