Last Modified August 30, 2022

Event Logs

  1. Overview
  2. Event Log Contents
  3. Some Key Events


The Event Log provides information on all the events received by the DNA Server for a specific product or a specific License Code. It also will show changes to key settings for the License Code made via the Code View screens (such as changing a password, reseting the Lockouts, etc..). It gives you an overall view of activity for your product and License Codes and can be very useful when discussing activation issues with your customers. The majority of problems experienced with the Activation process is related to users entering incorrect License Activation or Evaluation Codes, and entering wrong passwords during the Re-Activation process.

You can access the Event Log by clicking on     for a specific Product on the Home Page, or on View Events in the Product View or Code View screens

Use the SHOW scroll down menu on the top left to filter the events to view. Select ALL to view all the events.

Use the navigation arrows to scroll up and down the Event Log. You have access to the last 1,000 Events for this specific product or License Code.

Click on Show Warnings to see a list of:

  • License Codes in Re-activation Lockout
  • Users of your product in IP Lockout
  • License Codes with a high number of rejected transactions within the last 24, 48 or 72 hours


Event Log Contents

Date Time (GMT)

The DNA Server Date/Time of the transaction (EST).

The dates for a specific code (for example: the Activation Date) are based on the computer clock of the user and may not match the DNA Server time either because the user is in a different time zone or the user has elected to have the incorrect time on his computer. In either case, the DNA Server is not confused (or fooled) by these different clock settings.


The License Activation or Evaluation Code. Click on the code to see the Event Log for this License Code


The first 5 characters of the <MachineID> hash code on which this event took place. Helpful information when the user has installed software on a different computer.


The DNA Client OS Version (Win, Mac Linux, Android, 32 or 64 bit) or Web Browser


The type of event received. See below for explanation of the more common Events

Most Events are with your application via the DNA Library. Others will be indicated by these icons:

  • - action from the License Manager by the user
  • - action from your DNA Control Panel
  • - transaction from an eCommerce solution
Event Information

Key information associated with the event such as Activation Email if this was an Activation, or a description of the error if the transaction was rejected

Screen Shot of Event Log

Event Log


Information on some key Events

Event Success Rejected

Software was succesfully activated with License Code and Activation Email

Activation was rejected because License Code is invalid, does not exist or Activation was rejected because IP address was in Lockout (click on code to view details)


Seat for this multi-user license code was succesfully de-activated

De-Activation was rejected because password was incorrect (click on code to view details) or IP address was in lockout

Evaluate Now

Software was succesfully activated with an Evaluation License Code allocated by the DNA Server

Activation was rejected because the IP address was in lockout

Info Tag

The Info Tag was succesfully uploaded to the DNA Server

The Info Tag was rejected because the License code is invalid (click on code to view details) or IP address was in lockout

Lockout Reset

The Re-activation Lockout was reset from the DNA Control Panel


Re-Activation Roll-Over

The Multi-Computer limit was exceeded for this code. All previous activations have been flushed and the last re-activation was succesful


Re-activation - Lockout


Re-activation was rejected because License code is in lockout (click on code to view details)

Re-activation - password


Re-activation was rejected because user entered an invalid current password

Re-activation - used password


Re-activation was rejected because user entered an already used password as a new password

Lockout Reset

The Re-activation Lockout was manually reset via the Code View screen of the DNA Control Panel


Ban and UnBan

The License Code was manually banned or unbanned via Code View screen of the DNA Control Panel