Last Modified September 1, 2017

IP Lockout and Reset

  1. IP Lockout
  2. IP Lockouts during Testing
  3. Resetting the IP Lockout
  4. IP Lockout Warning


The IP Lockout is used to protect software_DNA against malicious users trying to roll License Activation Codes and Passwords in the hopes of finding a good combination. The IP Lockout protection is applied to any API queries to the DNA Servers and accesses to the public License Portal / Manager.

Rejected transactions typically caused by events like an unknown License Code, or a wrong License Password, will increment the <IP Lockout Counter>.

If the <IP Lockout Counter> exceeds the <Maximum IP Lockout Count> (a system setting) in the 24-hour period following the first event rejection, then the IP Lockout will be triggered and the IP Address will no longer be able to access software_DNA or the License Portal / Manager for a <Cooling Period> of 24-hours.

If the same IP Address triggers multiple IP Lockouts over time, then the <Cooling Period> is extended beyond 24 hours.

The <IP Lockout Counter> is reset automatically if no event rejections have occured in the last 24 hours.


IP Lockouts during Testing

When initialy testing your implementation of software_DNA, you will likely trigger the IP Lockout several times, either willingly or by accident. In normal operation, with normal Users, this rarely occurs except of course for malicious users.


Resetting the IP Lockout

If a User (or yourself during Testing) have triggered the IP Lockout, you can reset it in the following way:

  • Wait 24 hours for the <Cooling Period> to expire and the <IP Lockout Counter> to reset

  • In the DNA Control Panel, view the Event Log for that specific DNA Product, and click on Show Warnings which will show all IP addresses in Lockout and allow you to reset the IP Lockout.


IP Lockout Warning

The IP Lockout Warning will appear on your Home page of the DNA Control Panel if any of your License Activation Codes are currently in IP Lockout, and by clicking on the IP Lockout Warning button, you will see a list of the License Codes that may be in IP Lockout.

From the IP Lockout Warning screen, you will be able to reset any active IP Lockouts.