Last Modified February 14, 2022

Payments / Invoices

  1. Payment Information
  2. Invoices
  3. Refunds of Activation fees

Payment Settings

Before you can launch your 1st Product (i.e. move from TESTING MODE to ACTIVE status), you will need to provide billing informaiton for payment of the software_DNA Service Fees.

With software_DNA, Activation fees are only incurred when the software is activated by your users that have already purchased your software and received an Activation Code, or who have received an Evaluation Code for the evaluation of your software.

The current Activation Fee for your products including fees for options can be reviewed in the DNA Control Panel for each Product in the Product Overview Screen - click on Fee Calculator to view the detailed fees for that Product.

We currently accept the following payment methods:

  • VISA / MasterCard - the credit card information will be validated by issuing a pre-authorization request of $5.00 - this request will expire and will not be charged to your credit card
  • PayPal - at each billing period, we will send you a Payment Request via PayPal for your payment



Invoices are issued monthly, except if your total monthly fees is below $10.00.

At any time, you can view the current fees for the month from the DNA Control Panel by selecting My Account Info -> Next Invoice from the menu.

You can view and print issued Invoices and download complete details in a CSV text file by selecting My Account Info -> Invoice History from the menu.

When an Invoice is issued, you will receive the invoice details by email. The Invoice amount will be charged to your credit card or PayPal Account you have selected.


Refunds of Activation fees

We will provide refunds for Activation Fees if you have refunded the purchase price of the software to the purchaser. Once we have refunded the Activation Fee for a License Activation Code, the License Activation Code will be permanently banned or disabled in the DNA Server and will no longer work.

License Activation Codes that have been activated for more than 60 days or validated more than thirthy (30) times cannot be refunded. Evaluation Codes will not be refunded.

To claim a refund for Activation fees, please contact Tech Support with the list of Activation Codes to be refunded. You will receive credit information by email and credits will be applied to your next software_DNA Invoice.