Last Modified April 18, 2020

Re-activation Lockout and Settings

  1. Re-activation Lockout and Settings for Single-User / Multi-Computer Licenses
  2. Re-activation for Multi-User / Floating Licenses

Re-activation Lockout and Settings for Single-User / Multi-Computer Licenses

The re-activation lockout settings allow a legitimate user to re-install the software on the same computer or on a different computer a number of times within a given period of time. If this number is exceeded ( possible abuse or excessive re-installations), then the Re-activation Lockout will be triggered. The Re-activation lockout will bar any new re-activations for a given period of time (the cooling period) following the lockout. Once the lockout cooling period is finished, the counters are reset, and new re-activations are again allowed.

The re-activation lockout settings is the same for all License Activation and Evaluation Codes for a product and is specified from the Product View screen.

The Re-activation Lockout settings include:

  • the re-activation limit, the number of re-activations allowed in the re-activation lockout period
  • the re-activation lockout period in days
  • the re-activation lockout cooling period (in days) during which time no re-activations are allowed. This will be triggered if the re-activation limit is exceeded during the re-activation lockout period.

If a License Activation or Evaluation Code is in Lockout mode, it can be reset from the Code View screen for that License Code.

Our recommended settings are:

  • Level 1 Validation/Protection : 2 re-activations in 90 days, 90 day cooling period
  • Level 2 Validation/Protection : 2 re-activations in 60 days, 60 day cooling period
  • Level 3 Validation/Protection : 2 re-activations in 30 days, 30 day cooling period

If you set your own settings from the Product View screen, the following constraints apply:

  • Number of Re-activations must be from 1 to 5
  • Number of days must be from 14 to 2000 days
  • Cooling Period must be from 14 to 2000 days

Any changes will be applied to all the codes at the next Activation or re-activation.

You can also request a Custom setting by contacting our Technical Support.


Re-activation for Multi-User / Floating Licenses

For multi-user or Floating License codes, the 1st installation and activation of the License is considered an Activation and is used to set the License Code password and License Code Email. Any subsequent activation on another computer is considered a re-activation in software_DNA although, from the user’s perspective, would be presented as the activation of a new computer / seat.

For multi-user or Floating License codes, the Re-activation Lockout settings are not used. Unlimited re-activations are allowed on the same computer. Re-activations on other computers is subject to the maximum <seat> setting of the License Code.