Last Modified August 30, 2022

Configuration of Custom Emails

  1. Overview
  2. Setting the FROM Address
  3. Updating your SPF Settings
  4. Available Merge Codes


software_DNA will automatically send out emails to your users in the following events:

Event Description
Send Lost Password

email is sent to the user:

  • when requested by the User from within the Application
  • from the DNA Control Panel Code View Screen, when you click on Resend Password

The email is sent to the Activation Email of the License Code (if provided) and contains the License Code's password or instructions to recover the License Password.

Send Activation Code

email is sent following a succesful eCommerce transaction for specific eCommerce systems.

The email is sent to the <buyer email> address provided in the eComemrce transaction information. This email communicates the License Activation Code reserved for the end-user by software_DNA following the purchase of your software.

Some eCommerce systems like FastSpring, Avangate, ..., will communicate directly to the end-user his License Activation Code, and so software_DNA will not issue this email. Consult the eCommerce Integration Guide for your eCommerce system to determine if this automated email is used.

Send Evaluation Code

email is sent when requested by the User from within the Application:

The email is sent to the email address provided by the user when requesting the Evaluation Code

License Manager Welcome

email is sent to the Activation Email when the user activates his software in the following situations:

  • Multi-User License email will be sent to the Activation Email used for the first seat activation - typically, the License administrator

  • Single User License if the option Single User Access to License Manager has been selected for the product.

The Email contains a welcome message and instructions on how to access the License Manager.
See License Manager     for more information.

License Manager Changes

An Email is sent when the following changes are made to the License from the License Manager:

  • License Email
  • License Password
  • License ADMIN Password for Multi-User Licenses
Resend License ADMIN Password

The License ADMIN Password is used to gain access to the License Manager for a Multi-User License.

The Email is sent from the License Manager when the user clicks on Resend ADMIN Password

License List

From the License Manager, the User can request a list of all License Activation Codes with a given Activation Email. Of benefit when the User has lost the License Activation Code.

The License List is sent to the Activation Email specified.

To add a new set of custom emails for a different language, see Adding New Languages  


FROM Address configuration

It is highly recommended that the FROM Address be your Technical Support Email. Your users will then be able to REPLY to this Email address to reach you. You can set this individualy for each Product from the Custom Email screen, or centrally by entering a Technical Support Email in the Company Information screen under the My Account -> Company Info menu selection.

Our email system is configured with DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) capabilities to ensure these emails are not categorized as SPAM.


SPF Update Required

When using your email domain for the FROM Address, we recommend that you update your SPF configuration to allow the softWORKZ email servers to send emails using your domain name.

You will need to add the following domains to your SPF configuration:


Your SPF Record should at least include the softWORKZ domain as follows:

  • V=spf1 -all

This will allow softWORKZ to send emails under your domain name and not be seen as SPAM.

You can view your current SPF record using SPF query tools including MXTools at


Merge Codes for Custom Emails

MERGE CODES used in the email Subject and Body will be replaced by the correct value when the email is sent :

Merge Code Description

will merge the content of <Software Description> from the Product Configuration


will merge the content of <Product SKU> from the Product Configuration


will merge the content of <Web Site> from the Product Configuration


will merge the <current password> for the specified Activation Code (used only with the Send Lost Password email)


will merge either the <Activation Code> (for Send Lost Password) or the <Evaluation Code> (for Send Evaluation Code)


will merge the <Build_no> for the specified Activation Code


will merge the <expiry_period> (in days) for the specified Activation/Evaluation Code


will merge the <seat> setting for the Activation Code

Merge codes must be preceded and followed by a blank space.