Last Modified February 14, 2022


  1. Company Profile
  2. Payment Information
  3. Login Information
  4. Users and Permissions

Company Profile

Your company profile and contact information is displayed in the myAccount screen including the information entered upon your registration to software_DNA and can be changed at any time by clicking on (Edit) in each section.

It is important to keep this information complete and current, specifically:

  • The Contact Email is the principal email address used to contact you for most queries and notification emails. Each Product that you define in software_DNA can also have a distinct Contact Person for that Product for product-related queries and notification emails.

  • The Tech Support Email is the email address used by default as the FROM address field for the emails sent by software_DNA to your customers. For example, the Send Activation Code email will initialy be set-up to use this address as the FROM Address of the email. When your customers reply to these emails, they will be replying directly to your Technical Support, instead of replying to softWORKZ. You can change this email address for all your products here, or you can set distinct emails addresses per product via the Custom Client Email Configuration screens for a specific product.
    Configuring Custom Client Emails  

  • Mailing Address complete information is required before you can launch your 1st product for billing purposes (i.e. go from TESTING MODE to ACTIVE status)


Payment Information

Before launching your 1st product, you will need to select a payment method and provide billing information. We accept VISA, MasterCard and PayPal as payment methods. This information is kept in encrypted form on our secure DNA Servers. It is never completely displayed by the DNA Control Panel and cannot be accessed by any of our staff.

Invoices are processed once per month and include all Activation Fees incurred for your Products in the last month. You can view your Past Invoices and current Invoice status from the My Account Menu. Please contact us for any enquiries on your payments.


Login Information

At any time you can change your UserID and your Password by editing the Logon Information Section

Your UserID will be validated to remain unique within software_DNA.


Users and Permissions

You can set-up multiple Users for your DNA Control Panel account with limited privileges or permissions. You can use this for your Technical Support staff who need access to information on Activation Codes and the Event Logs, but do not need access to Product configuration or My Account screens.

To set-up Users, choose myAccout -> Users from the top Menu.

User Permissions     for more information.