Last Modified September 1, 2017

Uploading License Codes to the DNA Server

  1. Overview
  2. Status of License Code Upload Requests


If you plan to use your own codes with your custom format, you can UPLOAD these codes by selecting Codes -> Upload Codes in the menu

From these pages you can upload Activation/Evaluation License Codes for a specific Product to the DNA server. The UPLOAD file is a ANSI text file that you have generated offline and that contains activation/evaluation license codes in the following <tab> delimited format:

<productID> <tab> <activation_code> <tab> <expiry_period> <tab> <build_no> <tab> <seats> <CRLF>


The DNA ProductID for the product


The Expiry Period in days to be used for this License Code. It is the number of days after the initial activation that the Activation or Evaluation License code will be valid. Following the end of this period, the code will no longer be active, and activations, re-activations and validations will be rejected by the DNA Server.

If <expiry_period> is omitted in the Upload file for Activation and Evaluation Codes, the server will use the <expiry_period> specified in the Activation/Evaluation Code Generator settings of the Product Configuration. For Evaluation codes, the maximum <expiry_period> is 60 days.

If ommitted, the "Tab" must still be present


The Build No to be used for this License Code. It is used during the internal development phase of large software products and is not typically used in the final release version.

If specified, Activation and Evaluation codes will only work for that <build_no> of this product.

If ommitted, the "Tab" must still be present


The <seat> setting to be used for this License Code.
If ommitted, the "Tab" must still be present

Some examples of valid formats:

  • <productID> <tab> < code1 > <CR/LF>

  • <productID> <tab> < code2 > <tab> <expiry_period> <CR/LF>

  • <productID> <tab> < code3 > <tab> <expiry_period> <tab> <build_no> <CR/LF>

  • <productID> <tab> < code4 > <tab> <tab> <build_no> <CR/LF>

  • <productID> <tab> < code4 > <tab> <tab> <tab> <seats> <CR/LF>


Status of License Code Upload Requests

License Code Upload Request are queued for processing by the software_DNA Code Generator. You can see the current status of your Requests and delete a request if no longer needed from the Code Upload Screen. If an error occured during processing, the error will be indicated.

The Code Generator will process your Requests within 20 minutes. Once sucessfully processed, the License Codes will be available for this Product, can be viewed in the Code View Screen, reserved, distributed to users, etc...

Completed Requests are shown in the Code Upload screen and can be downloaded as a ".txt" file which contains all the License Codes uploaded as part of that Request.

Rejected requests will be listed here. Typical reasons for rejections include:

  • the Upload file was not in the correct format
  • one code in the file was a duplicate of an existing code on the DNA Server. In this case, the entire batch is rejected to be on the safe side
  • the Product Code in the upload file did not correspond to this product’ s Product Code
  • a blank line was encountered in the Upload file. The entire batch is rejected