Last Modified September 15, 2018

Distributing License Codes

  1. Overview
  2. Manually distributing License Codes


Distributing License Activation Codes to your customers can be done manually from the DNA Control Panel or can be fully automated using our DNA eCommerce Connectors (recommended):

DNA eCommerce Connectors

Connecting your eCommerce solution to software_DNA is fast and easy and allows a fully automated License fulfillment process for your customers and 24/7 sales for you. From customers purchasing your software, downloading the software, receiving a License Activation Code, and activating the software on the software_DNA system, no intervention is required by you.

By connecting an eCommerce solution to software_DNA, all the completed purchase transactions are relayed to the software_DNA servers, processed, and a License Activation Code is generated or reserved (configurable setting) and issued to your customer, either by software_DNA or by the eCommerce solution. An Email is sent to the purchaser, and for some eCommerce systems, the License Activation Code is displayed on the Purchase Confirmation screen of the eCommerce solution.

See eCommerce Connectors  

DNA DIRECT Connector

Our DIRECT Connection interface allows you to connect your website/server directly to software_DNA servers to generate, reserve and retrieve License Activation Codes similar to the eCommerce connections. Ideal when you want to fully manage the purchase experience for your customers, although requires some efforts for coding and managing your own store-front.

See eCommerce Connectors  

Manual Distribution

You can also choose to distribute License Activation Codes to your Users manually when:

  • In special cases where you want to distribute a License outside your e-commerce solution, such as for promotions, licenses to business partners, licenses to development staff, etc...

    Note that many of the e-commerce solutions do support Discounts and Promotion type sales and you may be able to use your e-commerce solution for this purpose.

  • You have a speciallized Application, low volume, and do not want to process these Licenses through an e-commerce solution

See below on how you can manually distribute Licenses via the DNA Control Panel.


Manually distributing License Codes

To manually distribute License Codes, you will first need to generate or upload License Codes for your DNA Product:

Once you have generated codes, you have a few options for distribution:

  • Send via your own Email system
    • Select an available License code (see next section), and send directly to your User via your email

    • Make sure to Reserve this License Code so that you do not send it to another User.

      You can set the Reserve status of a License Code by viewing the License Code information in the DNA Control Panel and checking the Reserve checkbox.

  • Send via the DNA Control Panel with a Customized Email (recommended)
    • Select and view an available License code (see next section)

    • Enter the Email address of the User as the License Email and click on Reset

      Setting the License Email
    • Click on Send License Code to send the License Code using the Send Activation Code custom email to the User.

      This will also automatically Reserve the License Code to avoid sending it to another User

      Sending a License Code

    See Customizing DNA Emails   to customize the Emails sent by software_DNA to your Users.


Viewing Available License Codes

The quickest way to see a list of Available License Codes is to view the DNA Product Configuration and select Available Codes from the Quick Reports drop down list.

Viewing Available Licenses

Or, if you have generated or Uploaded License Codes, you can always download that list of codes via the Codes -> Code Generator screen.