Last Modified September 1, 2017

Ban Controls - Banning or Revoking Licenses and Products

Ban Controls allows you to disable individual License Codes (or an entire Product) directly from the DNA Control Panel. You can change the state of an individual code from the Code View Screen for that code. You can change the state of a Product from the Product View Screen for that product.

Revoking a License Code

Will stop all new activations, re-activations and DNA Server Validations for that License Code.

You would revoke a license if you issued a refund to the user, or there was a charge-back on the credit card or you suspected that the license was being abused or shared within the limits of the re-activation lockout settings (i.e. too many re-activations ).

Note that for Level 1 and Level 2 Validation, if the Application never connects to the Internet, the local License may remain valid.

Banning a Product

The DNA Server will reject all activations, re-activation and DNA Server Validations for all License codes for that Product.

A typical use would be to disable a BETA version of your sofware which you have distributed to testers and media representatives ahead of your product launch and you now want to disable all copies that have been distributed.