Last Modified August 30, 2022

License Manager

  1. Overview
  2. Generic or software_DNA branded
  3. License Manager CSS Customization
  4. Free Service included in the Activation Fee


Your Users will greatly appreciate access to a User License Manager where they are able to recover their License Activation Code or their License Password, and manage some of their License entitlements themselves and at their convenience.

A side benefit to you is reducing the number of Support calls or emails.

You can offer a License Manager as follows:

Hosted by you

Using the software_DNA RESTful API interface, you can implement a complete License Manager integrated into your web site and tied into your store-front and back-end business processes.

For more information on this option see License Manager - hosted by you

Hosted by softWORKZ

We provide a complete License Manager implementation on our web site, accessible by all your Users, in two forms:

  • Generic License Manager
  • software_DNA branded License Manager

You can also use your own CSS file to customize the hosted License Manager.

See below for more information on implementation.


License Manager

License Manager

Using only their email address, they can receive all the information about the License Activation Code(s) assigned to that email.

If your software_DNA Product is configured with User Authentication and if they have the License Code, they can retrieve their password. If they have their code and password, they can change their email address assigned to the code as well as the password. For multi-seat licenses, the license code administrator can see details on the activated seats.

License Manager Display


Generic or software_DNA branded

We provide a generic version of the License Manager ( i.e. no software_DNA branded header and footer) which you can easily link to from your web site, or you can use our default License Manager page:

Generic License Manager
software_DNA branded License Manager


License Manager CSS Customization

You can specify certain CSS elements to be used for the Hosted License Manager and present a customized License Manager on your web site (ex: colours, fonts, ...) that matches the style of your website.

  • Download the CSS Template File from the Resources -> Portal CSS Design in the DNA Control Panel

  • Edit the CSS File and return by email to Technical Support

  • Tech Support will review and test your customized CSS File

  • Tech Support will assign a <CSS file name> which you would specify in your URL

Example URL code: <yourCSSFileName>


Hosting of License Manager CSS File

You have two options for the location of your Portal CSS file:

Hosted by softWORKZ

Your Portal CSS file will be uploaded to the softWORKZ site

If you want to make changes to the CSS file, you will need to resubmit to softWORKZ Tech Support

Hosted on your Web Site

You install your License Manager CSS file on your web server and provide softWORKZ with the URL to access the CSS file.

You can make changes at any time, which will be immediately reflected when accessing the License Manager


Free Service included in the Activation Fee

Some providers charge for cloud-based license storage ( ex: $5.00 for 3 years), but we have made the License Manager included in the base Activation fees. So your users benefit, and you should also benefit from reduced customer support calls and emails.