Last Modified September 10, 2017

Resolving Customer Issues with the Activation Process

We have provided several tools to help you debug activation issues with your customers.

The majority of problems experienced with the Activation process is related to users entering incorrect Activation or Evaluation License Codes, or entering wrong passwords during the Re-Activation process. The suggestions below are listed in order of occurence of issues

Checking the Events Log

The Event Log shows all transactions processed by the DNA Server for a specific Product or a specific Code, including Error descriptions when transactions are rejected.

This is the first place to look when trying to resolve a customer issue with the Activation process.

You can access the Event Log by clicking on     for a specific Product on the Home Page, or on View Events in the Product View or Code View screens.

See Event Log   for more information.

Checking the Warnings

From the Event Log screen, click on Show Warnings to see a summary of codes with high rejection rates. This can help pinpoint users with activation issues, or systematic issues with your implementation of software_DNA.

Event Log Reports and Warnings

Accessed from the Report Menu, allows you to view/download reports on Log Events. This could be used to understand recurring problems from specific users, or a systematic issue of the implementation of software_DNA in your application.

See Reports   for additional information.

Anti-Virus Applications

Issues where user is not able to activate the application, or is required to re-activate his software at start-up. This can be caused by the Anti-Virus application blocking the writing of the License ".CDM" file on the user’s computer.

Disabling or changing the Anti-Virus application settings can resolve the issue.

Offline Activation

Issues typically related to generating the ".LIC" pre-license file on the offline computer, or using the Offline Activation portal, or transferring the ".CDM" License file back to the offline computer

See Offline Activation   for additional information.

Proxy Settings and Firewalls

In certain organizations using Firewalls, users may have to provide Proxy information to allow the software_DNA Client to connect to the DNA Servers

See Help with proxy settings and firewalls