Last Modified August 30, 2022

Validation / Protection Levels

software_DNA offers three (3) levels of validation / protection:

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Activation Continuous Mandatory
Mandatory DNA Server License Activation
Mandatory Offline License Validation
"When Possible" DNA Server Validation
Mandatory / Recurring DNA Server Validation


Mandatory DNA Server License Activation

The user must activate the software using a License Activation or Evaluation Code with the software_DNA Server. An internect connection is required for the Activation and any re-activations in the future.

Typically the software would not run or would run in DEMO mode before activation (this is determined by you in your software).

This activation process is anonymous for the user. The user can provide an email address to receive information from software_DNA such as the "Send Lost Password" email if he ever forgets his password, or wants to access the License Manager

Mandatory Offline License Validation

The ".CDM" License file stored and locked to the user's computer, must be valid and meet all the license and anti-piracy conditions you have configured for that product in software_DNA.

When possible DNA Server Validation

If an Internet connection exists, software_DNA will perform a License Validation with the DNA Server where the license and anti-piracy conditions will be re-checked, or if the License has been banned or revoked. This DNA Server Validation will occur a maximum of once per day.

Mandatory / Recurring DNA Server-Validation

A validation must be performed within a given period of time, the Validation Period, specified by you.

When there is an Internet connection and a DNA Server Validation is performed, the Validation Period is updated. If a user never connects to the Internet during the Validation Period, the License will be disabled at the end of the Validation Period.

A Warning Period can be set to warn the user ahead of time that he must connect to the Internet to validate his software License. For most users who are almost always connected to the Internet, the Validation Period would never be exceeded and their license would not be disabled.

Level 2 is the recommended validation / protection level for most software applications, and offers a good balance between anti-piracy and user flexibility.

Level 3 is the most stringent requiring a regular internet connection and:

  • is required for Subscription Licenses
  • is required for Floating Licenses
  • is required if you want to allow your Users to delete computers / seats from their License using the License Manager portal
  • is appropriate for higher priced or specialized software applications.

Level 1 provides excellent protection against common forms of software piracy such as casual copying (amongst friends) or serial # sharing on the internet.

All Validation / Protection Levels allow the user to re-install the software on the same computer or on a different computer within the constraints of the re-activation lockout settings. See Re-activation Lockout