Last Modified February 14, 2022

Testing Mode

  1. DNA Product in TESTING MODE
  2. Application Testing by softWORKZ
  3. Ending TESTING MODE
  4. Product LifeCycle Management


When you first create a DNA Product, it will be in TESTING MODE state

TESTING MODE will allow you to fully test your implementation of software_DNA before releasing your Software, make changes to any settings to try the different capabilities, connect to eCommerce solutions and process Test Orders to fully test the end-to-end, automated License Fulfillment process, generate/upload License Activation Codes, test all the software_DNA processes (activations, re-activations, revokes, Anti-Fraud, etc..) to ensure that your application and software_DNA are working properly and to your satisfaction before release. During TESTING MODE none of the activations will be billed to your account.

Please note, that while in TESTING MODE, there are limits placed on code generations (maximum 10 per request), uploads (maximum 1KByte file size) and a maximum of 50 Activation Codes and 50 Evaluation Codes. These limits and test codes are removed when TESTING MODE is terminated.


Application Testing by softWORKZ

softWORKZ will be pleased to help you test your software_DNA implementation in your software and provide feedback to your developers on the implementation. We can verify that all product configuration settings are correct and are working properly on different types of computers and operating system configurations to help ensure a successful launch of your product.



When your testing is complete, you can move from TESTING MODE to ACTIVE state from the Product Configuration screen.

When you terminate TESTING MODE, all the License Activation codes and Evaluation codes for that product will be deleted and all the counters will be reset to zero. All you configuration settings will be maintained.

From this point on, all activations will be billed to your account.


Product LifeCycle Management

To manage your Licenses throughout the lifecycle of your DNA Product, you can change the state of your Product to manage the licensing behaviour as follows:

Testing Mode

Testing Mode, allows you to test all the options of software_DNA and test your implementation of software_DNA within your application until you are satisfied with the results, all without incurring any Activation Fees. It also allows you to test the integration of any eCommerce systems you plan to use and ensure purchase transactions are succesfully processed end-to-end.

All features and options are available in Testing Mode. The only limitation is the maximum number of License Activation Codes (50) and License Evaluation Codes (50) that can be generated.

When you end Testing Mode :

  • Your Product configuration will remain intact
  • Your eCommerce Connector configurations will remain intact
  • All License Activation Codes, License Evaluation Codes and Test Codes will be deleted
  • All the statistics for this DNA Product will be reset
  • All events in the Logs for this DNA Product will be deleted

In Active state, all features and options are available, and you can generate an unlimited number of License Codes. All new activations will incur Activation Fees.

You can use Test Codes free of charge to continue testing your implementation of software_DNA.
See License Codes  

You can also continue to issue Test Orders from your eCommerce solution to test the end-to-end ordering and license delivery process. The Test Orders will be validated by the DNA Connector and notification emails will be issued, but no License Codes will be issued. Consult our eCommerce integration Guides for how to place a Test Order for your eCommerce solution.

Activation HOLD

In the Activation HOLD state, all activations for this product will stop and users will no longer be able to activate new copies of the software. Existing users (codes that are already activated) will be able to continue using the software, re-activate and validate the software as required.

You should go to Activation HOLD status when you are looking to end offering this product, or are introducing a new version of the software and you want new users to only use the newer version.

No information or Codes will be removed or lost. This step can be reversed at any time.


In the INACTIVE state, all activity (activations, re-activations and validations) for this product will stop and users will no longer be able to run the software. eCommerce transactions will continue to be accepted.

Licenses using Level 1 Validation will continue running until the next re-activation. Licenses using Level 2 and Level 3 Validation will continue running until the next DNA Server Validation, usually the next day.

You should go to INACTIVE status at the end of the life of this product or this version of your software.

No information or License Codes will be removed or lost. This step can be reversed at any time.


Deleting a product will make this Product Inactive and remove it from your DNA Account. The Product’s configuration, status, and all the codes will be retained for 30 days. After 30 days, the product may be removed from the software_DNA system. This step is not reversible, and so you will be asked to confirm that you wish to delete the product