Last Modified August 30, 2022

Multi-User Licensing

  1. Overview
  2. Activation Process for multi-user License Codes
  3. Setting up multi-user Licenses in the software_DNA Control Panel
  4. De-Activation process for multi-user codes
  5. The License Manager
  6. Allowing Seat De-activation from the License Manager


The Multi-User feature allows you to offer x-seat type licenses (ex: 25-seat license) where multiple users can use the same Activation Code and Password to activate on "x" different computers, all controlled and protected by the software_DNA solution.

Multi-User is ideal for protecting your software sold into enterprise, university or government environments. To allow your customers to "manage" their multi-user licenses themselves, we provide the License Manager that gives your customer a complete view on activated seats, ability to de-activate seats, and change the main password (see details on the License Manager below)

A Product can have License Activation Codes with different <Seat> settings. For example, you can have for the same DNA Product, single-user licenses (i.e. 1 seat), 10-seat licenses, 25-seat licenses, etc...)

All protection features and Validation Levels (1, 2 and 3) are supported with multi-user licenses.


Activation Process for multi-user License Codes

The owner of a multi-user License will need to provide the License Activation Code and a password when activating the software the first time. For multi-user codes, the License owner must provide an email address. To activate additional seats on a multi-user code, the additional users will need to provide the License Activation Code and the current password to activate an additional seat. Unlike with Single-User Licenses with User Authentication, the License Code password does not change when activating or re-activating seats

If a "seat" activation results in exceeding the available number of seats for a License Code, the seat activation will be rejected.


Setting up multi-user Licenses in the software_DNA Control Panel

In the Product Configuration screen, you will need to add <seat> settings in the Price Table for the Product. These <seat> settings will then be available across the different configuration screens, including eCommerce Configuration screens and Code Generation screens.

When using an eCommerce connection, you would typically define a x-seat product SKU in the eCommerce store-front and in software_DNA, add that product SKU to the eCommerce configuration for the DNA Product specifying the corresponding x-seat setting. software_DNA will generate a License Activation Code for the DNA Product with the specified <seat> setting

You can change the seat setting of a specific License Activation Code anytime from the Code View screen. If the License Activation Codes has already been activated, and your DNA Product is in ACTIVE state, an incremental "Seat Upgrade" activation fee will be incurred


De-Activation process for multi-user codes

In order to free up a "seat" on a multi-user License, the user must de-activate his seat. You must provide within your software application the ability to de-activate the software, typically via a menu selection. This allows a seat to be freed up and used on another computer up to the maximum seat setting for this Product. The de-activation process will disable the ".CDM" file on the user’s computer and delete the seat on the DNA Server.

When a "seat" for a multi-user activation code is de-activated on the DNA Server, the "seat" is not available for a new activation immediately. The "seat" will be de-activated and available for activation on another computer after 24 hours. This restriction protects against the multi-user code being used as a "Floating" license.

If the License Code has the "Floating" option enabled, this restriction does not apply.


The License Manager

The License Manager allows your users to manage themselves their software licenses, including managing the Activation Email, the Activation Password, viewing the "seats" of their multi-user License Codes, and for products with Level 3 Validation / Protection, deleting individual seats from the Portal.

The first user to activate the multi-user License will be required to provide an email address and will be considered as the License Administrator. This user will receive the Wecome to License Manager email with instructions on how to access the License Manager

When the "administrator" of a multi-user License accesses the License Manager for the first time, he will be asked to provide an Admin Password, distinct from the License Activation Code Password, and allow this administrator the ability to manage the multi-user License.


Allowing Seat De-activation from the License Manager

Typically, users would free up a seat for the license by de-activating the software from within the software application itself. The software application will disable the ".CDM" license file on the user’s computer and delete the seat on the DNA Server.

For Products using Level 3 Validation / Protection, a seat can also be de-activated from the License Manager. This option must be enabled as part of the Product Configuration. The ".CDM" License file will be disabled at the next mandatory DNA Server Validation as per the Level 3 settings in your Product Configuration.