Last Modified February 14, 2022

DNA Control Panel User Permissions

You can set-up multiple Users for your DNA Control Panel account with limited privileges or permissions. You can use this for your internal or external User Support, Development, Technical Support staff, or your external Resellers who need access to information on selected or All Licenses and the Event Logs, but do not need access to Product configuration or My Account screens.

To set-up Users, choose myAccount -> Users from the top Menu.

The following permissions will be available to the Users based on the assigned Role:

Permission User Support
User Support
Selected Licenses
& Tech Support
DNA Products
Create Test Mode Test Mode
View Configuration All All All
Manage Configuration Test Mode All
DNA Licenses
Generate Selected Evaluation(1) Test Mode
Test Codes - All
View All Selected All All
  • Revoke / Ban License
  • View / Delete devices or seats
  • Update License Expiry, User Email, Language
  • Reset License Password
  • Reset Re-activation and IP Lockout
  • Resend License Emails to User
All Selected Test Mode All
Offline / OffNet Activation All Selected Test Mode All
Event Logs All Selected All All
DNA Resources
Online Help
DNA Libraries
Code Samples
Portal CSS Design
Reports All Test Mode Test Mode
User Account(2)
DNA Account(2)

(1) for one(1) DNA Product configured in the User Account settings

(2) User Account allows User to change their User Password, and view their permissions. Does not allow access to main account settings.

If you would like to define a different permission setting, please contact our Tech Support.


Setting Up License Identifiers for Selected Licenses

Use the License PREFIX as the License Identifier that will filter your Licenses for viewing by this type of User.

In the set-up of this type of User, you can specify a list of License PREFIX's that will be accessible to this User. For example, if you specify the prefixes "Z2P- Z2S-" then the User will have access to any License with those PREFIX's across all your DNA Products.

To generate and distribute License Codes with those PREFIX's, you can:

  • use the License Code Generator in the DNA Control Panel to create Licenses with the given PREFIX and send the list of generated License to your Reseller / Partner
  • use the DNA e-commerce Connectors to create Licenses with the given PREFIX when a Reseller sells a License on a supported e-commerce system. The e-commerce solution chosen by your Reseller / Partner can be a different e-commerce solution than yours. The key is to have different SKU's on the e-commerce solution(s) for products sold by you, or sold by the Reseller / Partner.

We recommend that you contact Technical Support before setting up this type of User.