Last Modified August 30, 2022

Floating Licensing

  1. Overview
  2. Global Scope
  3. Hosted solution
  4. Setting up Floating Licensing


Floating Licenses will allow the installation and execution of your software application on multiple computers but will limit the number of concurrent users to the License <seat> setting. For example, your application could be installed on 100 enterprise computers, but with a <seat> setting of 5, only 5 concurrent users will be allowed.

The software_DNA Floating License is based on our Multi-User License model combined with a License seat "Lease" approach, where the seat "Lease" automatically expires after 2 days.

The "Lease" approach provides several benefits to the Users, including:

  • If a User forgets to close the application, then the seat Lease will expire and automatically release the seat for other Users.

  • If a user’s computer crashes before the lease is de-activated, the seat Lease will expire and automatically release the seat for other users.

  • During extraordinary events (ex: no internet connectivity to the DNA Servers, unavailability of the DNA Servers), the current Users will continue to have access and use of the application for the "Lease" period (i.e. up to 2 days).

Seats can always be released immediately via the License Manager and via the DNA Control Panel.

The Floating License setting can be set on a per License Activation Code for any License Activation Code of a Multi-User product.

This is fully automated using enabled eCommerce Connections (recommended), or done manually by directly enabling the Floating License option from the Code View Screen for a specific License Activation Code.


Global Scope

Users can be located anywhere on the Internet, not just in a local LAN sub-network, ensuring that global enterprises, big and small, can use your Floating Licenses across their business.


Hosted solution

With software_DNA, no need to install a "Floating License" server on the Enterprise network with all the subsequent support issues. software_DNA’s Floating License solution is hosted on our Servers and maintained 24/7 by our Tech Team.


Setting up Floating Licensing

Floating Licensing requires Level 3 Validation / Protection. Once Floating Licensing is enabled for a Product in the Product Configuration screens:

  • The Code View screen will display and allow you to change the Floating License setting for a License

  • The eCommerce Connection Configuration screens will allow you to specify the Floating License setting to be used for each SKU received via the eCommerce connection when generating the License Activation Code

Not all License Activation Codes for a given DNA Product need to be Floating Licenses.

For implementation details, see the Floating License Implementation Guide   in our Guides section.